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Quest Template for business, daily life or ToDos

Quest Template for business, daily life or ToDos

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Are you searching for a way to be more productive? Or make work more fun? Or maybe just search for another way to upgrade your tasks.

Here is it - Quests!

You will get:
1x Complete Guide & How-to
1x Example: Campaign & Missions
1x Template: Campaign & Missions
1x Example: Quests
1x Template: Quests

Usually, quests are used in games, especially in Role-Playing Games. Quests are there to lead the player through a game, develop the skills needed, drop important items or resources, and guide the player through the world. Usually in a game, there are main and side quests.

Main quests are there to play the main story, e.g. free the island, save the princess, etc. Side quests are there to give the chance to explore, level up a character, or just enjoy the game a bit more. And this is now, what we want to use for us in real life and work.

Let's go 'questing' together.
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